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brand new Relief combine & save option!

24 hour relief. That kind that doesn't make you drowsy & the kind that helps you sleep. #severepainrelief #safemedicine #endocannabinoidhealing


Now you can combine and save on Pain Relief around the clock!

Combine the wonderful non drowsy Daytime Relief capsules, made from our favorite and most effective Landrace Equatorial Sativa strains. Providing non drowsy pain relief, and an uplifting focus and natural plant energy!

Combined with Severe Pain Relief that lets you keep sleeping, you can keep healing round the clock, with more daytime relief and better rest.

Also a great combination for chronic pain management or even tough days and nights after a visit to the gym or a good workout.

So, combine and save! All natural pain relief that keeps working, doesn't addict, doesn't have side effects (well it does have some good fueling your endocannabinoid system responsible for cellular repair), and is 100% plant! Shipping M-F nationwide, order online with a credit card.

Have questions? Hit up the SKMS expert staff with your health journey queries.. they are glad to help.

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine June 10th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744


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