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anxiety relief, safe, effective, not habit forming

patient requested formula created in 2017 with hundreds of testimonials for anxiety relief and prescription anxiety med recovery since. Available online, priority mail.

These days some European insurance systems and many American healthcare professionals recommend that pharmaceutical anxiety meds only be taken in case of "demonstrated risk of self harm".

Reason being that their mechanism of action in the brain, is eventually overcome by the brain's own efforts, and the medicines cease to provide the same result. They can even reinforce the minds less comfortable tendencies of worrying or assuming the worst.

Importantly, pharmaceutical solutions often cause what is called a "cascade effect" with prolonged use, which is disengagement of the Enteric Nervous system that connects our bodies and brains, and is experienced commonly as IBS and gastrointestinal symptoms. This makes feeling calm in our bodies even more difficult, and a bit of a chicken and egg cycle between mind and body and emotions.

But the good news is our own bodies have healing mechanisms for this. The endocannabinoid system is tasked with balancing systems throughout the body, mind and enteric nervous system included. Even digestion, sleep, and importantly neural pathway restoration.

The endocannabinoid system can help our minds restore to natural calmer neural pathways in a non habit forming and natural feeling way.

Discover what so many rave have changed their lives and the way they experience them!

"SKMS capsules are stocked at all of our stores and the Anxiety capsules are the only product I take every day!"

- Maine Cannabis Store Owner


"thanks for the follow up. Yes, I only ordered twice. It wasn't cause they didn't work. They worked. Those things are amazing. No really. I don't even know what to say. I stopped 10 years of meds in three weeks under doc guidance and really did not think I could survive the new reality. After a few days I had to do something, just knew how I felt was way beyond unhealthy.


Started taking one or two of those anxiety capsules every morning depending on how terrified I was of dealing with the world. Was frankly kinda uncomfortable about it at first.


But then you know what? 4 months later I just forgot to take them one morning, haven't taken them and have felt fine since. Still have a couple dozens caps, which I will share with someone in need. I honestly don't even know what to say but thanks, most sincerely thanks. You all changed my life"


 - Jill in Hallowell, Maine


best wishes on your health journey, we hope SKMS & RCM Co. can assist your steps!

RCM Co. Staff

Feb. 20, 2024

Portland Maine

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