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Amazon's CBD problem

half of tested products contain 'no cannabinoids' #cbd #productsafety #safemeds


"Violations of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations, and of Amazon’s own policy, as well as blatant mislabeling of product contents are among the issues raised by a new study of products sold on Amazon and other major retailers"

NOELLE SKODZINSKI | MARCH 21, 2024 'Cannabis Business Times'


Not surprising to some, tests of 56 CBD products sold on Amazon revealed almost half didn't even contain cannabinoids, and certainly would not be accurately described as a 'crafted product intended for relief of a specific symptom'.

A larger concern for hemp derived products in general is also one of Hemp's greatest attributes: its amazing ability to clean toxins from soil. Unfortunately, when the same plant is then concentrated into an ingested product, it becomes a pesticide concentrate. Very little of America's farm land has not had significant pesticide exposure.

The predominance of isolate cannabinoids is a real concern as well, but a complicated subject, not limited to fake CBD products. SKMS has long felt that isolate has no place in ingestion, or medicine, as a singular source of hyperemesis syndrome.

SKMS clients have included numerous pediatric seizure cases and other very sensitive systems for years. This of course kept attention on producing a very clean product, but also enabled a validation. Very few can verify repeatedly that a product is clean like a 7 year old girl can who gets a seizure when she looks at a candy bar or catches a smallest whiff of an air freshener. Millions of doses without adverse reaction is excellent testimony of product safety and purity.

Curious to learn more about how SKMS meds are made?

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Best wishes on your healing journey!

RCM Co. and SKMS Staff

Portland Maine

March 22, 2024

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