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a secret of S.K.M.S. capsule tech

1% of 100mg is 1mg. 50% of 10mg is 5mg. Five times as much from one tenth the dose. Its really all about absorption, not dosage. But how to get there is the question.

Dosage marketing has long distracted cannabis medicine manufacturers from effectively explaining their products' effects to consumers. Like many cannabis misunderstandings, this is likely a leftover from decades of pharmaceutical marketing.

The ironic part is, an exoerienced or knowledgeable pharmacist will explain that pharmaceutical consumer experience is also not dependent on dosage, but actually absorption as well, and this can change a lot with use over time, one cause of a perceived increased 'tolerance' to some pharma meds.

Simply put, humans are water based, and plants are oil based. This presents a challenge to absorbing cannabinoids. Isolated cannabinoids, which comprise the ingredients in most canna edibles in the U.S., additionally are subject to restricted absorption, which generally increases over time and can progress to cannabis hyperemesis syndrome- a chemical sensitivity reaction to unnatural isolated cannabinoid molecules. This increased or sporadic decreased absorption additionally challenges a consumer's pursuit of predictable desired symptom relief.

Unfortunately state medical and recreational cannabis regulations typically mandate just THC content labelling. For a consumer this becomes next to useless information, almost deceiving. Not only will one batch of isolate dosed chocolate or gummies absorb different than another, digestive systems can have extremely variable absorption rates to isolated or extracted cannabinoids from day to day.

So how do you get real and consistent results? Well first step is selecting only real, fully bonded whole plant canna medicines. No isolate soup, sometimes called "full spectrum".

Only truly originally bonded plant molecules just like nature made them, and just how we would naturally acquire them into our systems effectively and safely, and for the greatest benefit, will continue to provide consistent results dose after dose, day after day. But there's a still a challenge- that whole 'oil and water' thing.

While isolate and extracted cannabinoids likely achieve between 2-10% absorption at best, wholeplant meds, such as coconut oil emulsions, are thought to reach 40% absorptions commonly. This is verifiable outside the labs with personal experience comparing one medicinal format to another and the associated relief provided. Typically the same will reveal itself- a dramatic difference in bang for the buck, or cannabinoid content per amount of relief experienced. Typically 1/10 the amount cannabinoid mg content in wholeplant format will provide the same effect as extracted or isolated cannabinoids, especially with repeated dosages of the latter.


So how does SKMS manage seizures, achieve remission credits, or relieve severe pain so consistently for so many people and so many years, with so much lower doses than standard canna extraction based edibles?


Well, its back to the math. If fully bonded whole plant meds achieve 4 to 5 times the absorption of extracted based edibles, our patient data says we almost double that on average. That means for our 10mg ingested, 8 or more mg are absorbed. Compared to 50mg of isolate based medicine providing 1-5mg. And unlike the isolate or extracted cannabinoids, the wholeplant will continue to provide consistent results. Variations may occur, but they will be digestive tract related and will generally revert when addressed with improved absorption opportunity.


So, how does one achieve a better absorption percentage?


Well we won't give away the farm, but that's a subject for another blog anyway. Suffice to say, it took almost four years and literally hundreds of failed attempts, accidental discoveries and a whole lot of grass roots Maine innovation to boost absorption levels to almost double standard wholeplant formats like cannabutter, and many times above standard extraction based or so called full spectrum edible canna meds.

But that's a thing in Maine... going way back. Dirigo.. "we lead, we direct" ....... its even a state motto.

We're glad you found us and hope we can help on your health journey! Check out some of the years of testimonials at the bottom of the home page.

The Endocannabinoid system and real canna meds can relieve symptoms often more effectively and almost always safer than conventional medicines.

There's a reason all mammals have endocannabinoid systems and why the wolves in Chernobyl are healthy.. really.

Yes, we were all a bit brain washed by a 100 year old pharmaceutical conspiracy to cover up the human body's own healing system.

There's even a famous fellow who wrote a book about it called "the emperor wears no clothes".. but we digress. Go search the internet for "pubmed endocannabinoid deficiency" and see what the smarter side of healthcare- that does research and isn't trying to sell you something - has to say about it. Don't take our word for it : )

Text or email with questions any time! We love to help spread the knowledge and the healing.

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

(207) 671 8387

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