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7 Lyme Symptoms, Foods to Avoid & How to get Relief

And a Special Intro OFFER to prove we can help.

Prior to the founding of RCM Co., SKMS Staff worked closely with hundreds of Lyme Disease, Babesia & Anaplasmosis infection clients, assisting symptom management per the requests of the Scarborough Lyme Clinic & the national Canna Science expert, Dr. Sulak's Office.

We discovered that many of the worst cases never recorded a bite. We also found that some chronic illnesses had been misdiagnosed, & were in fact Lyme Disease.

This included, among others of the same condition, a three decade long MS Patient who had worked closely with one of New England's leading healthcare MS treatment teams, & who grew up in Lyme CT, as well as clients thought to be suffering from Parkinson's, re-diagnosed as Lyme following testing by GenX Labs & doctor review.

All three of the common parasitic infections can be frustratingly illusive for some clients & we have even known Lyme doctors to send blood tests in until they got a positive result. Parasitic infections can come and go, last for years, and commonly do not present themselves with predictable & consistent symptoms, even within one person.

If you think you may be suffering from Lyme or another parasitic infection, we encourage talking with your Doctor about securing real blood test results, usually from a national lab. Different strengths of antibiotics are commonly used, and sometimes have a lasting effect.

Local tests in most states are similar to the veterinarians', and only look for the body's reaction to Lyme, which in our clients' experience is often innaccurate, unfortunately often in the toughest cases. Capturing actual Lyme spirochetes can be challenging we are told & best done with blood tests, spun & analyzed.

If you find significant relief from medications commonly used to manage Lyme or parasitic infection symptoms, per healthcare professionals we've worked with and our own clients' experience, this may be one form of validation of the potential of having a parasitic infection.

Lyme and parasitic infections have been common & increasing in Maine since the 1970s, with similar numbers across much of the northern half of the U.S. One of the SKMS staff's family members was actually the first CDC documented case in Maine.

These conditions tend to cause unpredictable inflammation resulting in a wide range of symptoms. Hundreds of SKMS and RCM clients have found immense and consistent relief, often for years at a time, from the Pink CherryWine Capsules, made from a proprietary phenotype of a CherryWine strain we started working with in 2015.

This strain & SKMS concentration methods were fine tuned over time until a near 100% reduction was recorded with seizure patients in what is called MRI Caps, typically lasting 4 and 6 hours. During this time period, SKMS began to receive Lyme referrals from the newly opened Lyme Clinic, and patients and SKMS staff alike, discovered the consistent relief provided to a wide range of individuals and parasitic infection symptoms.

RCM has an offer to help:

Send your address & RCM will send you samples.

If you find relief from symptoms,

we hope you'll order more.

And if you know you have Lyme, seizures, a parasitic infection, suffer from regular severe migraines or inflammation pain, here's something that can really help. Select any product you'd like.

We'd recommend the CherryWine WholePlant CBD Capsules.

If Better Sleep would help, check out the Recharge Capsules.

RCM also has a buy one 60 count get one 24 count free special currently. So, you can combine daytime relief of parasitic related inflammation symptoms and the healing inflammation reduction of good sleep in two safe, endocannabinoid system healing, non addictive, actually healing plant capsule formulas.

And the one food to avoid if you have a parasitic infection? SUGAR.

Parasitic infections love sugar. So, wean the total amount of sugar you consume daily down steadily & substitute with more natural sweeteners like honey or similar everywhere you can. Artificial sweeteners are not a good substitute by client experience. Do not go cold turkey on all sugar! this is dangerous.

There has been much observed evidence by our staff & some published science that a combination of pure cranberry extract (usually in capsules) and D-Mannose, (also prescribed for UTIs) along with a healthy diet can have a powerful effect on reducing Lyme infections.

Best wishes on your health journey!

SKMS Staff offices, manufacturing for RCM Co., have call in hours M-F, 8am-Noon for client dosage or related questions.

(207) 671-8387

Order yourself or a friend some samples. Just reply with a mailing address.

hope we can help,

RCM and SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

March 9th, 2023

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