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2am and can't get back to sleep? you can fix this.

Updated: Apr 2

real solutions from the PTSD and pain management pros about #insomnia

It may be a busy mind that reboots or aches and pains that you keep you from falling back asleep in the middle night.

Its a common complaint. Definitely more of the first option than the second in our client experience, but they both have some easy fixes.

Sugars, Alcohol and Caffeine commonly disrupt sleep. Adhering to as close to a Circadian Rhythm as possible is also commonly doctor recommended and helps maintain easier sleep. It's when our body's biology is telling us to go to sleep anyway: when the sun rises and sets.

SKMS Sleep Meds help a lot, and dosage timing can help even more.

Many clients take a SKMS Sleep Chocolate or a Recharge Capsule after dinner and a second as they go to bed a couple hours later.

We know some Severe PTSD and Severe Pain Management clients who leave a second or third dosage out by the nightstand or bathroom sink for the middle of the night. This can help maintain their sleepiness thru early hours.

If you wake a little groggy, can reduce dosage a little or not take as close to waking, but should wake feeling much better rested and clearer than with common pharmaceutical sleep solutions.

The Endocannabinoid System is in charge of our sleep and repair systems and can greatly assist and improve the quality of the same with the proper fuels!

Learn more about SKMS proprietary endocannabinoid fueling formulas below!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine updated April 2nd, 2024

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