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where does the relief come from?

very special cannabinoid profiles in their original bonded chains is the answer, but the actual 'where' is more specific #landracecannabis #ancientmedicine

While the Catholic Church revealed possession of the Kaneh Bosem recipe, similar to the rediscovered Rick Simpson Oil, documented curing cancer and arresting pediatric seizures, the use of cannabis medicine and the recipe predate Biblical times. Additional ancient caches of Cannabis concentrate oils intended for ingestion have been found in Iraq thousands of years older.

These medicinal concentrates were made from ancient cannabis strains that had travelled both the Silk Road from Africa to China and the Polynesian trade routes around the world.

These ancient strains which humans clearly saw as very valuable, were undoubtedly selectively bred for hardiness and medicinal value, for many generations, likely thousands of years.

In SKMS' first year of operation, and first harvested crop, it was quickly discovered that modern hybrids produced unpredictable results both between different people and with the same person from one day to the next. It was realized that modern hybridized genetics had been selected for their appearance, aroma and production quantities, and not for symptom relief consistency.

Landrace strains had long been a passion of some SKMS staff and were quickly found to provide far more consistent effects between different people, and almost always consistent effects with the same person from one day to the next.

Since 2014 SKMS has collected hundreds of additional Landrace Cannabis seeds from ancient parts of the world untouched by modern genetics, including Africa, South America, South East Asia, Tibet, Nepal, Vietnam and others.

SKMS has even acquired ancient Silk Road seeds from Taliban areas of northern Pakistan where traditional cannabis growers are forced to instead grow opium, or risk their family's safety.

SKMS staff so appreciate how many lives these precious ancient strains have touched and changed. Cannabis, bonded cannabinoids, and your endocannabinoid system can assist in profound symptom relief and even systemic healing changes.

Have questions about SKMS canna meds can help your life? Ask away! Expert healthcare educating staff await your request for assistance!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Jul7 1st, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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