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what product for what symptom

Updated: Mar 4

different cannabinoid profiles affect lots of symptoms, but what product does what?

The endocannabinoid system can positively affect almost anything systemic and many things cellular. That means from the mind to the body, it can relieve symptoms and even provide inflammation reduction enabling healing.

So what SKMS products help what?

Four of the SKMS Formulas are listed here in today's blog post in a simple applicable symptom summary for each.

This list doesn't include every applicable symptom to each product, but its a great starting place.

CherryWine Whole Plant CBD rich Pink Capsules

  • Lyme, Babesia, Anaplasmosis Parasitic Infection Symptoms

  • Seizures, Migraines, Panic Attacks including pediatric

  • Crohn's and IBS symptoms

  • Pain Relief, Neurodegenerative pain

  • Chronic Inflammation conditions


The Original SKMS RSO Formula Blue Capsules

  • Cancer and Chronic Illness Symptoms

  • Chronic Pain Relief

  • Cellular healing, Toxin overload cleaning

  • Diabetes symptoms


Severe Pain Formula Purple Capsules

  • Severe Pain

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • PTSD symptoms

  • Sleep Assistance, Insomnia

  • Post Surgery Pain

  • Cancer Symptom Relief


Landrace Sativa Energy Yellow Capsules

  • Non Drowsy Pain Relief

  • ADHD, Depression, Alzheimer's and Dementia Symptom Relief

  • Motivation, Clarity, Non jittery energy


Best wishes on your healing journey!

Send questions any time! You can write a message on the 'CONTACT US' page, or text us at 207.544.6744 or can call us at the same number M-F 8am-Noon EST.

Endocannabinoid healing helps!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine

February 1st, 2024


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