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the original chronic illness formula story

S.K.M.S. started manufacturing Rick Simpson Oil from Landrace & CBD rich Cannabis Strains in 2014 for the original Blue Capsules Chronic Illness formula, and they have evolved continually based on performance feedback. Hear the Blue Capsules story. #cancer #remission #cancersymptoms #chemotreatmentsideeffects #chronicillness

The contents of the S.K.M.S. Blues was first modeled after Rick Simpson's rediscovered original alcohol wash cannabis concentrate formula, which was credited with numerous cancer remissions in Canada, and then successful pediatric seizure management in Colorado, prompting the first medical legalization of cannabis in the United States.

Many conjectured that this recipe was essentially the same as revealed by the Catholic Church, called "Kannabosum oil', an Olive Oil emulsion of Cannabis flowers credited with impressive symptom management and health benefits.

THC and Cannabis' anti cancer behavior was first publicly rediscovered by Science in the 1970s, and subsequently medical journals such as Pubmed have been populated with a wealth of documentation of the endocannabinoid system providing very substantial biologic repairs including cancers healing, from the cellular to the systemic.

S.K.M.S. Chronic Illness Formula Blue Capsules contain a powdered Zero Processed (water and organic Coconut oil only) version of Rick Simpson Oil, individual cannabis strain ingredients adjusted over time for improved performance, and developed to a 100% plant powdered format which clients have found absorbs faster and far more consistently, as well as being exempt from concerns of solvent content or distillation methods.

The recipe of Landrace and CBD cannabis strains, and how they are cured and processed for the Chronic Illness Capsules has changed a lot over the years, solely based on client feedback and patient results. Absorption, consistency of performance and endocannabinoid activity have all dramatically improved since 2014, providing today's clients not just some of the only real and consistent whole plant medicine on the market, but a product honed by millions of doses and other people's feedback, many of them likely walking in similar shoes.

You can find many more pictures of S.K.M.S. processing methods on their Instagram Page under StrainKeeper, and you can order the S.K.M.S. Chronic Illness Blues here, and even get a buy one get one, perhaps with the Purple Severe Pain to aid with symptoms and assure a real restful recovery.

Send questions any time!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 2, 2023

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