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the Crohn's relief

many clients have found consistent relief from #digestivedisorders with S.K.M.S. real wholeplant CBD dominant CherryWine capsules. #chrons #ibs #cascadeeffect

The CherryWine Capsules were originally developed over a three years period as a Pediatric Seizure medication at the request of Dr. Dustin Sulak who's clinic referred numerous pediatric Lyme patients to S.K.M.S. in the early years before the founding of RCM Co. and national availability of S.K.M.S. meds.

Subsequently the nerve calming effects were found to provide effective and consistent relief for years for many clients for numerous digestive symptoms, including clients suffering from Crohn's symptoms, IBS and digestive symptoms as a result of Pharmaceutical induced 'cascade events'.

The CherryWine Capsules are available in 24 and 60 count bottles, and ship Monday thru Friday from Maine across the Continental U.S. They are also available in a number of Maine and Greater Boston Area Dispensaries.

If you'd like to send questions, have us reach out to a Store near you, or place an order, hit us up at the Contact Us Page and get your relief today with the link below. Plant medicine can be a wonderful, safer, healing alternative.

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