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the Cancer Cannabis Connection

there is substantial evidence, and thousands of living testimonials of the endocannabinoid system's active cancerous cell removal. #cancer #remissions #cancertreatment

"The vast majority of the existing research is on how specific cannabinoids kill cancer, but a growing body of work is revealing how the entourage of compounds found in whole-plant cannabis kills cancer."

- Project CBD Nov. 2023

Watch a Youtube Video about Brain Cancer Studies with Cannabis and the surprising effects, also explained in another's doctor's excellent Youtube video, recently banned by Youtube. Can still find the truth here:

"THC inhibits the ability of brain cancer cells to thrive and spread...they were really amazed by this and published this research, and similar activity was found for breast cancer, pancreatic and so many other different kinds of cancer"

- Clint Werner

S.K.M.S. products have assisted many cancer patients since 2014 and are of course per federal law, only used to assist in relief with cancer symptoms and more often cancer treatment side effects. That said, the number of healthcare workers in particular, who have chosen alternative medicines only for their treatment and had success is pause for thought. Staff here have always recommended the same as some leading alternative doctors have said well, work with healthcare, accept the diagnosis, just not always the prognosis. There are sometimes many paths, and certainly not just one single silver bullet, for healing. Diet, Lifestyle, Sleep, and yes, the endocannabinoid system all play a role in healing.

"my father was shut off all treatment and sent home in a wheelchair to die. he walked back into the Oncology Dept. a couple of months later to tell them what he thought of that thanks to S.K.M.S. capsules" - M. Pomerleau Greene ME

The S.K.M.S. Chronic Illness package is a time honed recipe, refined by the positive results of years of clients providing daily and weekly feedback on product performance. Sleep seems to be the most important element to healing with Cancer and the Chronic Illness Package, taken frequently enough, Purples by night and Blues by day, typically assist accomplishing good rest.

Always welcome to send Staff here questions. We welcome the opportunity to share knowledge.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland, Maine since 2014

October 31st, 2023

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