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shipping real and safer solutions nationwide M-F

cleared by state and fed regulators in 2022, it didn't take long for SKMS capsules to change lives far from home #endocannabinoidhealing #cancerrelief #pain #insomnia

Order online with just a credit card, ships priority mail nationwide. Real federally compliant wholeplant symptom specific cannabinoid formulas. Doctor recommended, Clinically trialed, years of patient testimonials. Now at your door. Nationwide.


Safer Pain Relief Options

Severe Pain Relief Capsules, A Chronic Relief super low THC Pain Relief Capsule Formula, as well as a real WholePlant CBD Capsule that does work, and keep working. But if it's safer severe pain management- there's a safer solution, that unlike opiates, doesn't stop absorbing or working, thanks to safer plant meds and a some very ancient medicine making methods from SKMS.

Order Online in 24 or 60 Count Bottles.


Non Addictive Anxiety Relief

Most Pharmaceutical head meds are pretty destructive to the guts, leading to disengagement of the enteric nervous system for some, and even more challenging mental health swings.

The plants can help with that, in a safe grounding natural way, fueiling the endocannabinoid system to reboot those original calmer neural pathways.

Order online nationwide in 24 or 60 Count Bottles.


Seizure and Migraine Cessation

Originally doctor requested for Pediatric Seizure management for Lyme infection cases, refined by years of patient feedback. Also effective for Multiple Sclerosis, Gulf War Syndrome symptoms and other nervous system related severe symptom relief. Commonly used as a safer medium level pain relief.

The CherryWine formula is also excellent at relieving IBS, Crohn's and other digestive disorder symptoms, often precipitated by extended Pharmaceutical consumption, or dietary poisons our bodies are sensitive to.


Cancer Symptom and Chemo Side Effect Relief

Available for a discounted package cost to Cancer patients, the SKMS Cancer and Cancer Treatment Side Effects Relief package is the result of many years, thousands of batches and hundreds of clients testimonials.

Blues by day, Purples by Night is the standard routine, but it can be adjusted however it best brings relief. Generally increase dosage frequency until symptoms subside, and the more sleep the better.

Also available in single 24 and 60 Count Bottles.


Insomnia and PTSD Relief that keeps working

Some of SKMS' longest running and most consumed products.

Better Sleep is available in three options. Chocolate works wonderfully for aiding absorption, and dark chocolate is good for us!

Dark chocolate can actually prompt stem cell growth. Also available in capsules. Recharge Sleep Capsules, Chocolate Sleep Truffles, and Chocolate Sleep Bars.

Available in bulk buy super savings as well, buy 3 Get 1 Free!


Dementia and Alzheimer's Symptom Relief

Originally doctor requested as a daytime non drowsy pain relief, also exceptional at relieving many elderly mental health symptoms, including helping keeping moods more stable, encouraging the mind to engage in life and preventing sun downing syndrome and other tough and sometimes unpredictable mood swings.

Available in 2 Count samples, 24 Count and 60 Count Bottles


And so much more, from Lyme Disease to Parkinson's, there's likely a safer way back to a healthier space.

Have questions about the lly thousands of symptoms and hundreds of name conditions SKMS capsules can assist? Ask our nationally certified education staff!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine May 28th, 2024

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