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safer effective post surgery pain relief

we hear post surgery patients often offered only over the counter solutions these days anyway ..but in any case, here's a safer demonstrated-effective solution.

"was offered Ibuprofen after recent lumpectomy, which frankly was ridiculous. The purple pills worked great though, three days was all I ended up needing, took one every couple hours the first day starting with as soon as I walked out of the surgery center, but they worked beautifully. Took them every 4 hours after that, and then one every morning and night for about another week. I actually slept the first night."

- Jane in Portland Maine

Originally developed at the request of Combat Veterans and VA Hospital Staff, to manage severe pain while eliminating opiate addictions, the Purple/Purple Severe pain pills work well, and may be taken as often as needed without major side effect- certainly nothing unhealthy, just a little sleepier.

Made from the best pain relieving and nerve relaxing CBD strains we could source from literally around the world, the purples will cause sedation and drowsiness at frequent enough dosage- which is generally actually a great relief to those in pain, who likely haven't slept well in some time.

Also available as part of the Buy Two 60 Counts and Get One FREE savings option, or the Buy One 60 Count Get One 24 Count Free savings options. See the Link below to the RCM Co. Online menu, shop, select and ship Priority Mail to your door in 1-3 days continental U.S.

Have questions? Send them to us! We love to spread the plant healing knowledge!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Dec. 1st 2023

Founded in 2014


M-F 8AM-NOON EST 207.671.8387

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