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safe non addictive pain relief

developed for Veterans kicking opiates and managing very extreme pain.

Over a million consumed, a pain relief alternative that works, and safely. #painrelief #painmanagement #severepain #addiction


Available by priority mail in the continental U.S. Non addictive, endocannabinoid system inflammation reduction and pain relief. Order online at RealCannabisMedicineCo.

Opiate Cessation?

Post Surgery Pain?

Combat injured?

We can help. And if you're a veteran, email or message us a pic of your ID, it's wholesale prices for you. Thank you for your service, most sincerely, with respect.

And if pain management is chronic pain management, or a long recovery, we have some deals to help you through.

Buy two get one free. There's also a Buy one 60 Count Bottle and get a 24 Count Bottle for free- check the menu out.

Or, here's a link, just click on the picture.

And if an even lower THC content pain relief is appropriate, we make those too, and people love them. Often used for daytime pain management, including chronic arthritis and parasitic infection symptoms. The lower THC content Pain

Relief Option is just called "Relief"

Available in 24 and 60 Count Bottles, you can find the lab test link on the bottom right of the product page.

Pain changes how think, how we live, and literally prevents healing. There are safer options than opioids and pharmaceutical pain killers, which are non addictive, continue to provide the same levels of relief, and which actually reduce inflammation and calm nerve pain, instead of masking it.

Have questions? We love to share the knowledge and help health journeys! Contact us below.

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