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PTSD and cannabis

Millions are affected by it. whether Emotional, Physical or Mental, it changes how we think, perceive and live. But this is not a new challenge for the endocannabinoid system.

Starting in the summer of 2014 connections with the Maine VA Hospital system sent hundreds of Combat Veterans to SKMS for alternative opiate cessation assistance and PTSD symptom management. While we quickly learned that our Blue Chronic Illness formula capsules and later the Purple Severe Pain formula capsules would alleviate severe PTSD symptoms, and in sufficient doses often nearly reverse them, we also noticed something unexpected.

It was not unusual in SKMS client work for those medicating PTSD symptoms to emerge after a period of time as somewhat different people, with a different perspective on life, and a dramatic reduction of PTSD Symptoms.

Cannabinoid research proposes that this is due to the endocannabinoid systems restorative relation with all biologic systems, the brains neural pathway network and potentially overactive flight or fight mechanisms, included.

Read more about Cannabis' documented assistance to PTSD symptom management in a new study here:

In SKMS experience the most important component to improving any mental health symptoms, especially those as life altering and debilitating as PTSD symptoms can be, is sleep. Without sleep the brain cannot rebalance its important brain chemicals, that allow it work in a balanced way. We are literally playing a a catch up game of mental health we will never win without proper sleep.

This need for real sleep, that actually heals, is non addictive and good for mental health, was the source of several of SKMS Products' development, including the never-fails-to-work SKMS Sleep Chocolates, the lighter caliber 'Recharge Capsules' and for the really tough symptoms, the Purple Severe Pain Formula. This heavy CBD dominant THC recipe has a unique way of calming most PTSD symptoms and inducing deep sleep for those who need it.

We've found that with a wide variety of

PTSD symptoms and root causes from combat trauma to sexual abuse, the endocannabinoid system will adjust the adverse behaviors of the mind and emotional body, and then with a period of quality sleep, and healthier thought patterns and activities, people often manage to, by appearance and report, essentially heal they're way forward to impressive degrees. This takes work, but the endocannabinoid system fueled by proven formulas can certainly accomplish tremendous improvement to quality of life and mental health.

If you have questions about achieving better sleep, managing pain or PTSD symptoms, or working on ditching those not so great for you pharma meds, feel free to reach out to our staff with questions at or at the contact us form here.

Best Wishes on Your Health Journey!

SKMS and RCM Staff

Jan. 11, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

  1. Assessment of clinical outcomes in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder: analysis from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry Manaswini Pillai, Simon Erridge, Lara Bapir, Martha Nicholas, Nishaanth Dalavaye, Carl Holvey

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