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Pain Relievers: Health Risks & Benefits

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Pain is most commonly caused by inflammation. Inflammation must reduce to heal, so what makes some pain relievers a healthy step, and others not so much? Forward this to a friend! #painrelief #chronicpain #relief #inflammationrelief #safesolutions

Aspirin: sometimes thought to be a derivative of the willow tree bark, Aspirin is actually a synthesized form of the prodrug Salicin. While Aspirin has a relatively safe history of use, Aspirin is listed as potentially increasing the risk of a bleeding stroke or gastrointestinal bleeding. So many would recommend, best not for daily use. Ibuprofen: similar to Aspirin in the public's history of general safe use, but carries increased risk of serious cardiovascular blood clotting events, heart attack and stroke. These risks may increase with extended use. Opiates: effective pain relievers, but are prone to misuse even by those carefully following prescribed guidelines. There is also an association between both people with depression being more likely to obtain opioids, and people taking opioids being more likely to have depression or mental health challenges. Cannabis Medicine: genuine wholeplant cannabis medicine has no reasonable toxicity level, and 'endocannabinoids' are native to the human body and mammals' endocannabinoid systems, and endogenous cannabinoids are those manufactured by the body. In its ingested form wholeplant cannabinoids provide inflammation reduction without adverse health risks. Endocannabinoid science would actually take this further, to point out that beyond inflammation reduction, effected directly by the body's own cellular health mechanical system, feeding the endocannabinoid system cannabinoids has numerous other potential health benefits, without risk.

But don't take our word for it! Ask your doctor or do some internet sleuthing!

But if you'd like to try a safe, proven effective solution, with years of continual use and testimonials by very severe pain management people, you can click the picture below to order a free sample in the mail. We are excited to share the ancient and safe healing ways.

thank you all for all your support for all these years and so glad the meds are helping!

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

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