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Pain Relief Options, all kinds

Relief & Sleep? Relief without sedation? Sharp severe pain or the brain numbing kind that just won't go away? Different challenges, different solutions. Learn More about the Options. #severepain #painrelief #chronicpain #naturalpainrelief #nonaddictive #painreliefthatworks

S.K.M.S. staff worked with all kinds of pain management in the first years of the Maine Medical Program, before founding RCM Co. and achieving national regulatory approval to share these natural, safe and effective solutions further.

There are all kinds of pain management cases of course, from injury, post injury and combat wounded, to post surgery, or cancer or cancer treatment side effect pain, and there is chronic pain, that comes and goes or just never goes. And then there is of course the Severe Pain, the sharp can't focus on anything else pain.

And different kinds of pain and different bodies often need different solutions. Here is a quick run down of the available options. Not sure what works best for you? Hit up the samples page!


Severe Pain Relief Capsules

24 and 60 count Bottles

Take 1 per 6-8 hours or as frequently as needed.

May enable sleep, or cause drowsiness in larger doses.


Chronic Pain Relief Capsules

Available in 24 and 60 Count Bottles

A Lower THC Content Option

Take 1 per 6-8 hours or as frequently as needed.

Not as sedative as the Severe Pain Relief Formula- but if you're in severe pain, sleep is a good thing!


Daytime Landrace Sativa Energy Capsules

Available in 24 and 60 Count Bottles

A Non Sedative Energizing and Focusing Daytime Pain Relief Option.

Take 1 per 6-8 hours but Okay to Increase dosage or frequency as needed.

Made from ancient Landrace Equatorial Sativa plants, cultivated by happy working people for many generations.


CherryWine Wholeplant CBD Capsules

Available in 24 & 60 count Bottles

Calming the Nervous System can be a key component of some pain management. The WholePlant Cherry Wine Capsules may provide sufficient pain relief alone, or may be used to supplement wholeplant CBD content of the Chronic or Severe Pain Relief Formulas, or the Daytime Sativa Capsules.

Take 1 per 6-10 hours.

Made from big sticky CherryWine CBD strain Cannabis Flowers grown here in organic soil.


Lower THC WholePlant CBD

Available in 24 and 60 Count Bottles

A popular daytime pain management for Lyme and other Parasitic Infection clients, as well as arthritis relief and other chronic conditions.

Made from a favorite short terpene rich CBD strain grown in organic soil.


Original Chronic Illness Formula

Available in 24 and 60 count Bottles

Some kinds of pain it seems only THC dominant formulas really give lasting relief. So, meet the original, and very first S.K.M.S. formula, the Original Chronic Illness Formula, originally fashioned after Rick Simpson's famous rediscovery.

Fashioned from our most medicinally effective Landrace strains, collected from around the world, many from the heart of the Silk Road between the Middle East and the Himalaya.


Best Wishes on Your Health Journey!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since

September 15th, 2023


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