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pain relief, how & what works

Pain is transmitted by nerves, but more often the root cause is inflammation. This accounts for the short term and long term pain relief potentials of different over the counter and prescription pain relief options. #pain #painrelief #chronicpain #painrelief #inflammationreduction

The U.S. government holds some of the largest Patents on Cannabis, starting shortly after they banned it in 1937, and the largest scope of the early patent work is for, maybe you guessed:

Inflammation reduction.

Aspirin may help a little, and Opiates can deaden the nerve signals - helpful in the short term for severe pain, but only useful until the addiction starts and the opiates feed increased false pain signals- but cannabis will tackle the root inflammation cause of the pain, far better than aspirin or even most prescription anti inflammatory drugs.

Additionally Cannabis can work on the nerves and the mind that cycles with the pain, calming the whole system down, helping to break the cycle of pain rhythms in the body.

Under the original Maine Medical Program S.K.M.S. assisted hundreds of Combat Veterans among others off of very high daily dosages of Opiate pain medications and other prescription pain killers, as well as many seeking safer effective serious pain relief.

The Severe Pain Formula was altered over time based on clients' feedback, managing everything from Post Surgery pain to combat injuries and Cancer treatment. The purples work exceptionally well and are safe to take as often as needed, generally no more often than one every two hours is needed in toughest cases, generally 1-3 per 24 hours.

Generally take one and wait two hours for absorption. As always, always consult with a doctor if mixing any medications, no need to do chemistry experiments in the gut. Cannabis is incapable of toxicity, but some pharmaceuticals will produce their known side effects more readily in the presence of a healthy cannabinoid content, and some pharma side effects can be scary.

Want to learn more? Send us an email or message on the website. We'd love to help with your health journey and symptom relief. Check out the testimonials at the bottom of the home page!

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