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migraine & panic attack prevention tips

the meds work, but there are good practices which will greatly reduce the likeliness of life's stresses causing a bad day. #migraines #panicattacks #prevention

Anyone suffering occasionally or often from any severe symptom of prolonged or extreme stress knows they'd do just about anything to avoid it.

Migraines can be excruciatingly painful as well as completely debilitating, and panic attacks- well, they're not just scary, it's scary to think of having them. No fun.

Fueling the endocannabinoid system with appropriate nutrients to mitigate inflammation and calm nervous systems can have a huge relieving and preventative effect, but there are a few things we can do ourselves that will really help the plants help us, and help prevent us from the likelihood of symptoms returning.

Tip #1 -hydration

We've heard some great stories from migraine researchers who kept journals of their own symptoms, and after years realized how obvious it was that dehydration always precipitated migraines especially. Sometimes by a couple of days even, as in didn't drink enough on Tuesdays and got migraines bad on Thursdays.

So, drink quality real water regularly, your pee should be near clear.

Tip #2 - the mind likes to make it worse

The mind has this troublesome little organ in it about the size of a walnut, called the ego, and it's job is to worry about everything that could go wrong. So those of us who have pain symptoms, or anxiety, or anything where the mind can make us more aware of our symptoms or even make them worse... we must be attentive to this. Be nice to yourself, like you would a child. Notice the mind worrying, and kindly guide it back to calmer more positive thoughts. We have seen little kids force themselves to think about flowers and bunny rabbits to avoid going back into a seizure- you can do it!

"Personal Liberation isn't about feeling better, its about feeling better about feeling" – Daniel Schmidt

Tip #3 - Sugars and Artificial anything can make it worse

Yes, sugar increases pain levels, increases inflammation, can literally make the symptom worse. Additionally, many artificial ingredients have been observed to specifically increase pain or cause nervous system reactions such as seizures. Alcohol, with a lot of sugar in it of course, can be really bad. It may dull the pain initially, but will make the pain cycle worse. Opiates can do this too, literally create the sensation of pain to request an addiction fix.

Tip #4 - Circadian Rhythms: Sleep

Whether its seizures or severe pain, sleep, not just enough, but at the right time, is key to successful symptom prevention or reduction. Our bodies are set on what's called a circadian rhythm, meaning that we follow the rise and set of the sun. Our internal healing mechanisms follow this time schedule as well. If we want to prevent symptoms, we have to work with this symptom. Sleeping early and waking at a normal time can make a huge impact on symptom management.

Tip #5 - Yes, the meds work, safely and consistently

Many hundreds of clients of all ages and walks of life have used the two leading SKMS Migraine and Pain management capsule formulas for many years. They have been refined by the feedback of years of varied symptom managements.

Available in 24 and 60 count bottles, and in combination discount specials for the chronic symptom warriors, order with a card online and ships nationwide priority mail 1-3 days. Expert staff available for your dosage or symptom management questions.

Its easier to prevent than react..

Practicing these good living habits can make life more symptom free. Maintaining a healthy and appropriate level of cannabinoids to fuel your endocannabinoids repair and prevention system is equally important. It is your body's mechanic. Click below to order the safer solution below.

And if you have comment to leave about your own migraine experience, prevention tips or other symptom stories, please leave a comment below!

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