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how THC effects Cancerous Cells

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

watch Clint Werner's Testimonial video about how efficiently and safely THC compounds clean the body of a wide range of cancers in multiple research trials. #cancer #remission #chemosideeffects

"I think people should be able to walk around and say 'How THC Kills Cancer Cells', because honestly if you knew how you would be blown away, and equally frustrated with the powers that be that we do not have this available for our chemotherapy patients" - Dr. Erik Johnson


S.K.M.S. and now RCM Co. have worked with hundreds of cancer patients since 2014, and refined the Chronic Illness Formula many times based on improved results. Many remissions have been credited to the S.K.M.S. formula, even from notable Healthcare professionals, but of course, thanks to a challenging federal regulatory network, claims of affecting a patient outcome other than by biproduct of improved symptom relief, which is a significant factor contributing to survival in many cancer types, would never be attached to S.K.M.S. Chronic Illness Symptom Relief capsules.

If you have questions about dosages, best protocols or what goes into S.K.M.S. Chronic Illness or Severe Pain Relief Formulas, feel free to drop us a note. We also mail samples 5 days a week.

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