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Endometriosis, Cramps & Safer Pain Relief

there's not much for safe off the shelf monthly relief, and aspirin may not cut it


"I have had endometriosis monthly since my 20s. Have tried everything. This isn't normal pain, this is I don't move from a curled up ball for three days pain. Its screwed my life up. The severe pain capsules from SKMS have been a life changer. Don't know what I'd do without them. Have taken as many as 6 in 24 hours sometimes, but they work, and keep working." - Becky L. in Portland ME

Pain can have numerous causes, but ultimately it most often inflammation related or generated by the nervous system.

Wholeplant medicine, unlike opiates or aspirin, can help quite effectively with both. Wholeplant cannabinoids fuel the body's own inflammation reduction system, the endocannabinoid system. They also calm nerves and help return neural pathways to calmer patterns. This is the same plant medicine performance which calms and stops seizures in children. Calming the nervous system and the mind reduces the perpetuation of pain cycles.

Available in 24 and 60 count bottles, the SKMS Severe Pain Formula was originally created at a doctor's request for a combat injured federal law enforcement officer, and have been consumed well over a million times successfully managing all kinds of severe pain, from dental, to post surgery, to chronic pain management.


"..mind blanking cramps for 2-3 days monthly, I can function but can barely focus. The Purple & Clear Chronic pain capsules rock. Usually one, sometimes 2, within an hour or so it suddenly occurs to me 'what cramps?' Thank you, really appreciate the products SKMS has created over the years" - Jenn K in Amesbury MA


Symptom severity and pain management needs are different from person to person, and often day to day. SKMS and RealCannabisMedicineCo provide a range of relief options. The Purple & Clear capsules are a commonly reported solution. Not quite as sedative as the solid Purple Severe Pain capsules they provide a major dose of endocannabinoid system inflammation reduction and nerve calming cannabinoid profiles with a very low, or even lower THC content.


"SKMS really makes some awesome products. I used to use the Severe Pain capsules just at night, then I discovered the Purple & Clear ones by day when the cramps aren't that bad, then I discovered the Pink & Pink and then the Pink & Clear capsules. They each work wonderfully, but really do provide options for different kinds of pain. I don't know you all figured this stuff out but they work awesome! Thanks for all you do, its quite literally changed my life." - Amy R. in Manchester NH


The SKMS Pink & Pink CherryWine Strain Wholeplant CBD Capsules are a go to for Lyme and Parasitic Infection Symptoms but also commonly used to manage chronic or monthly pain cycles. A potent dose of nerve calming and inflammation reduction, a bit different from the Severe Pain capsules, they can be a useful tool in pain management. They may also be combined (same with any SKMS product) with other SKMS capsules- so can add a Pink to the Purple to augment kinds of pain relief.

Samples are available, so reach out with a text, or just order them for free on the shop menu of this website!

Questions? We love to spread the alternative, ancient, safer relief options information. Just drop us an email, a message on the website or text 207.671.8387 We also have staff expert call in hours M-F 8am-Noon EST.

Best wishes on your safer effective pain relief and improved quality of living. SKMS and RCM Co. staff are so pleased to have helped so many with healthy plant alternatives!

And look for the savings Opportunities! We try to help out with the chronic symptom management expenses.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine

Serving endocannabinoid medicine needs of Maine and beyond since 2014



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