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cancer & treatment side effect relief

almost a decade of work and hundreds of cancer stories contribute to SKMS #cancerrelief #rsocapsules and their performance success. learn more in todays news.


The Blues & Purples have been credited with much more than relief, often by healthcare professionals, some healthcare professionals managing their own cancer journeys, many by healthcare professionals working with SKMS clients and some even from some notable Healthcare Thought Leaders.

What's the recommended Protocol?

Super simple. Blues by day, Purples by night. If one formula assists with symptoms more its totally okay to combine them or take more of one than the other.

Start with 1 Blue in the day and 1 Purple before bed and increase frequency of dosage over the following days.

Take Blue Capsules by day and Purple Capsules by night more and more often, increasing frequency of dosage as fast or slow as is comfortable, until a person is sleeping 12-16 hours in every 24 hours. This is traditionally where diagnostics reports may improve. Most people 6-8 capsules total of blue and purple combined, in every 24 hours will accomplish this, but absorptions & conditions vary.

Symptom relief, especially if severe, should be noticed within the first 2-3 hours of ingestion, (as with most pharma actually takes about 2 hours to absorb). Results are generally just dependent on absorption. Natural fats like yogurt and coconut oil can help with plant oil absorption as well.

If a person has a hard time swallowing, or absorbing meds, capsule contents are powdered and may be emptied into smoothies or similar to aid ingestion.

You can find a special savings link on the website for cancer patients, providing 3-6 weeks of symptom relief, and hopefully more.


"my father was sent home in a wheelchair to die.

he walked back into that oncology department a couple of months later

thanks to SKMS meds. could not thank you enough for the work you all do"

M. Pomerleau, Greene Maine


Typically people maintain that healing level dosage until long after healing thresholds are reached, and accompany other key life style and health changes to help their body stay in that healthier state.

SKMS staff answer questions by text, email and on the website M-F, and have call in hours M-F 8AM-Noon EST. Feel free to reach out with questions or request free Samples!


Send questions any time!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

August 30, 2023

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