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anxiety's role in pain relief

numerous studies and our own client experience reveal the mind's perspective has a huge impact on #painlevels and #painmanagement

Anxiety levels and how calm or traumatized we feel has a huge impact on both how the body responds to pain and how the mind perceives and experiences pain.

In our own work with Combat Veterans and Chronic Illness warriors its clear that those who are calm and grounded have an easier time with severe pain management. Those suffering from severe anxiety or PTSD symptoms can experience similar pain levels as much more intense and harder to navigate.

No doubt additional stress of pain makes existing anxiety or traumatic feelings worse, leaving less room for the mind to process pain, or find mental clarity above it.

Often times in life, pain and anxiety seem to go hand in hand for many reasons, sometimes they even were caused by the same experience. Medicated the symptoms of anxiety, and helping the mind relearn healthier, calmer neural pathways can greatly assist working thru pain management.

Some SKMS clients even found that severe pain was almost negated when anxiety was relieved. This has seemed most often the case with some Neuropathy and many PTSD cases. The body is likely even better able to heal and reduce inflammation, when it is not pumped full of anxiety resultant cortisol and tense with stress.

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RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Nov. 30 2023

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