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why the Sleep Chocolates work

we won't share all the tricks to our formulas, but we can explain why that melatonin or CBD gummy became useless and SKMS Sleep Chocolates just keep working...

Absorption... all about consistent absorption.

So what makes that happen?

Fully bonded plant compounds are the first step. The digestive lining will increasingly reject unnatural isolated molecules such as isolated THC, CBD or even melatonin or opiates. This is thought to be an ancient protection from metals in open drinking water.

This is also why that opiate script keeps increasing, or that Melatonin gummy may not work consistently. Absorption decreases, often unpredictably, over time, meaning you have to take more and more to achieve the same result.

Fully bonded plant compounds absorb consistently and also in much greater percentages, meaning less is needed, and performance and relief is more dynamic.

Chocolate?? Who doesn't love chocolate? Ok, we know a few of you, but not many!

And for those who prefer- we also make a very popular Recharge Sleep Assistance Capsule.

Chocolate aids absorption, and is also a natural plant oil which helps bridge the gap between our water based digestive systems and oil based plant compounds.

So where does the SLEEPY come from?

SKMS Staff have sourced unique effect ancient Landrace Seeds from locations around the world for decades. Kinda like the seven dwarves, some are happy, some are ...well you get the idea, SLEEPY!

Using the sleepiest strains from far corners of the earth, in combinations which aid falling asleep and staying asleep, the SKMS Kitchen carefully processes these unique cannabinoid compounds into an even sleepier consistently absorbing fully bonded whole plant cannabinoid powder, which may be ordered on line and shipped priority mail within the continental U.S.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Check out the or send your questions at

Best wishes on your health journey and get some good sleep!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Jan. 9, 2024


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