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what is 'wholeplant' and why not?

Cannabis medicine was legalized under the promise of relieving cancer symptoms and stopping seizures, yet no real products have appeared in the healthcare or Cannabis market. So, what happened, and what DOES work?

Cannabis was legalized in Colorado with great promises of ending pediatric suffering, and providing all kinds of safe symptom relief unavailable from U.S. Pharma. So where did it derail? Did they all just get distracted getting high?

Not really, though certainly most cannabis companies in the U.S focused on the potential profits of the recreational sales market. In truth though, the inability of cannabis to deliver on its promises in the U.S. started right at the beginning.

Lobbyists told legislators that regulation cannabis was as easy as isolating and monitoring individual cannabinoid contents.

Problem with that- once cannabinoids are separated, all the performance promises cannabis had made and previously documented, went out the window.

Cannabis, like many plant medicines, works by synergistic effects between the different compounds it contains.

In fact, the more research is done, the more it appears most assumptions about individual cannabinoid performance were totally false. THC isn't always what 'gets people high'. And CBN has been definitively proven to not be the source of sleepiness in Cannabis, though it is present in sleepy strains. The more we think we know, the more we realize we don't know.

This realization from reviewing mountains of early Israeli Cannabis Seizure prevention research defined the work SKMS did for the next ten years, and became the source of products which actually did perform. Pursuing what works, within known safety parameters, focusing on results and positive patient outcomes as a sole research and product development guide. Its called 'evidence based research', and SKMS did it while they gathered performance feedback from the clients consuming the same products, continually refining recipes for improved performance.

The difference between true bonded wholeplant medicine and isolated molecular compounds goes further than ineffectiveness. Unfortunately for many users of ingested cannabis medicine, the first symptoms of isolate exposure and cannabis hyperemesis syndrome are a percieved increased tolerance This is not a tolerance issue- it is the body beginning to reject the compounds as literally foreign matter not naturally occurring in their environment. This progresses to nausea, and has reportedly been observed thousands of times in Maine hospitals in the last decade. Only isolated cannabinoids can produce cannabis hyperemesis. Unfortunately due to the early regulatory guidelines described above, this comprises most of the edible cannabis medicine market, and even most so called 'full spectrum' or 'wholeplant' concentrates, which are often combination 'soups' of a variety of isolates, creating a sort of photocopy of cannabinoid contents.

Cannabutter, Rick Simpson Oil and other unaltered concentrations or emulsions of cannabis plant oils are examples of real wholeplant medicines. Consistency of ingredients and their method of processing, delivery methods and absorption consistency and rates defines their potential benefit.

Isolate or distillate cannabis concentrates are made by a variety of means, generally resembling advanced chemistry, utilizing gasses, solvents and vacuums to separate different cannabinoids at different pressures and temperatures. Essentially molecule fracturing methods.

A pre-2000 "Lego Block" conceptualization of a THC Molecule

Modern physics, pharma research and quantum plant research now all undeniably understand a new realization of how molecules work- they are not lego blocks, but more like waves of color or frequencies of energy, and do not separate like building blocks. Their performance nature is in their relations to other molecules and is altered by separating them from bonded molecules they were formed with. This is the fundamental understanding difference which makes advanced plant medicine not only actually capable of performance, but of providing consistent results across many people for many years.

IBM's imagination of what molecules really look like

We hope this info helps your exploration of plant medicine alternatives, cannabis medicine and your own health journey! The endocannabinoid system is in every mammals body and has but one job- to heal us on every level, from the minute to the systemic.

Best wishes on your health journey!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 14th, 2023

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