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symptom specific canna meds shipping nationally

it turns out we all should have actually read the Controlled Substance Act.

"Marijuana is not a plant, it is a legal reference to the controlled substance THC, which is a federally regulated substance in concentrations above 0.3% by weight, below that it is an unregulated substance- no different than a T-Shirt or a rock, not a regulated substance"

Those were the words of a DEA spokeswoman to SKMS in 2021 which followed a call from the director of one of the country's premier testing labs.

The Director of MCR Labs in Massachusetts pointed out that the same SKMS capsules credited with near countless cancer remissions, the same which had been prescribed by doctors hundreds of times for numerous chronic conditions- were legally and scientifically- an unregulated substance. Not subject to the Controlled Substance Act, regulated banking or any other legal prejudice- literally no different than ordering a T-shirt on the internet.

Shortly after SKMS was approached by two national banks and informed that the FTC was well aware of this growing industry of real cannabis meds exempt from regulation and sought companies worthy of pioneering internet sales of legal and effective cannabis medications.

Since the fall of 2022 SKMS has been live online and shipped real life changing endocannabinoid healing symptom specific Capsules and Chocolates nationwide, from Alabama to Alaska.

So if Pharma has scared you enough already, or maybe you've already encountered its darker sides, discover the amazing ancient healing of your own body- your own endocannabinoid system and our human thousands of years old relationship with cannabinoids.

Our endocannabinoid systems need these nutrients they have has been denied, in symptom specific formulas to tackle symptom specific relief. The Endocannabinoid system is your cellular and systemic mechanic, and for many if not most things health, heals far better than healthcare.

Wondering what's best for you symptoms? Order samples or hit us up with questions on the Contact Us Page!

Check out the Relief Options below!

And feel free to leave thoughts on SKMS meds or the crazy story that is the Controlled Substance Act!

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