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Study Reveals How CBD Counters Seizures

SKMS Seizure formulas reached near 100% reduction in MRI caps after years of work. Learn more about how Cannabis offers a safer more effective alternative for seizures, migraines and parasitic infection symptoms from Lyme, Babesia and Anaplasmosis.

Around 2017 Dr. Sulak's Office in Falmouth Maine finally talked us into taking on our first pediatric seizure cases. Our first two RSO capsule lines, issued in size 0 white Capsules had significant seizure reduction performance from the first dose on, but did not stop the worst cases completely, and MRI scans detected some remaining which sometimes went unnoticed.

Three strains trialed, a whole lot of breeding and genetics hunting later and the SKMS crew made a breakthrough with a version of the CBD rich strain Cherry Wine, which for the first time achieved near 100% reduction in extended MRI monitoring caps of some severe and persistent seizure cases.

As SKMS product development follows patient results in amending recipes the source of this dramatic improvement in seizure and migraine reduction was never definitively determined, but SKMS leaders suspect that the improved performance is related to the increased Terpene content noted in subsequent Cherry Wine phenotypes later in the breeding and gene hunting process.

Quantum physicists and ancient plant medicine practitioners might argue that the plant merely needed time to sense its purpose in its new environment. At the end of the day, the SKMS and RCM staff, and clients suffering from seizures or migraines, don't really need to know the scientific explanaition either, we just need the meds to be safe and perform consistently and effectively.

The SKMS Cherry Wine Capsules have been consumed over a million times, and served hundreds of seizure and parasitic infection symptom cases, many of them for years continually, day after day providing safe consistent relief.

Manufactured from big sticky Cherry Wine strain Cannabis flowers, made into a Coconut oil based concentrate, then powdered and encapsulated for easy dosage, the Cherry Wine capsules have been a life changer for many of all ages. Available in 24 & 60 count bottles, ships 1-3 days from Maine nationally.

The Pink/Pink CherryWine Wholeplant CBD Zero Processed RSO capsules are also commonly used for post work out inflammation reduction, anxiety relief, daytime pain relief, general parasitic infection symptom management, migraine relief and prevention, and improved sleep.

1-4 taken over 24 hours will typically abate seizures. As with any health condition, talk with a doctor and be mindful of the common contributors to many of these symptoms- such as inconsistent hydration.

If you have product, dosage or symptom management questions you are welcome to email us from the contact us page above, or we have call in hours M-F 8AM-Noon EST at

(207) 671-8387

Almost a decade SKMS has been at it, millions of dosages made and consumed, thousands of lives changed.

Best wishes on your health journey, let us know how we can assist your journey. The meds will help!

RCM Staff Feb. 15, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

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