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see some of the plants and places meds are made from

where do the plants that contribute to the amazing SKMS meds come from? #landracecannabis #ancientmedicine #seedpreservation #wholeplantmedicine

Sourced from the far corners of our great planet for decades, cannabis plants from different geographic regions provide different kinds of safe symptom relief in the wide range of SKMS med products. And symptom relief is generally the first step to healing.

How do they do it? Well we can only conclude the variety of cannabis effects found around the world are the result of cultivated selection by different peoples for many centuries and are a reflection of their environment.


Karakorum Mountains


Amazing anxiety relieving cannabinoid compounds are sourced from several of these magical Pakistani Mountain strains, literally untouched by foreign hands since the days of the Silk Road, grown in remote valleys of one of the most war torn regions of the planet, no doubt accounting for its stress and pain relieving performances.

Sent to SKMS in 2019 direct from western Pakistan, a tribute to medicine connecting peoples from around the world.



Himalayan Mountains


Acquired in 1996 from the Tibet Nepal border, SKMS Himalayan genetics are a thing in the Maine Cannabis industry. Credited with countless mental health turnarounds and utilized in a variety of SKMS capsules and chocolates, the cannabinoids in this strain seem to convey some Buddhist wisdoms, people often report 'letting go' of major obstacles in their life. The "I laughed, I cried, then it all made sense' is a common feedback from meds made from these ancient genetics.



Shebshi Mountains


One of those responsible for that long lasting grounded calm energy in SKMS Landrace Sativa Daytime Pain Relief Capsules. Representative of the magic effects of ancient Polynesian Trade equatorial Sativa genetics. Capable of providing calming, pain relieving and energizing relief at once and even more, its use as a work motivator, mental focus assistant and daytime pain reliever for many generations is clear in its effects.


Drakensberg Mountains

South Africa

One of the most resilient cannabis strains on the planet, accustomed to snow and summer temperatures in the same day, also famously difficult to cultivate. We acquired some of the only real Durban genetics left a few years back care of a friend of Gold Crown Seeds, and these equally tough to produce and resilient tiny seeds have contributed to amazing pain relief that enabled many opiate recoveries and safer pain management health journeys.


SKMS & RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine April 18th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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