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Safe Anxiety Relief

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Non addictive plant medicine can be a healthier long term approach

to helping the mind find a way back to calm.

For years most people and medical advice believed that Serotonin and other brain imbalances caused depression, and that feeling better was simple as enabling or restricting uptakes at brain synapses.

Turns out, its not the case. Depression, and the brain, just don't work like that.

With respect to the last decade and more of research on the long term benefits and harms of prescribed antidepressants, many medical perspectives now recommend that no antidepressant be prescribed for more than 90 days, and some recommend never to be prescribed without demonstrated risk of self harm.

What makes plant medicine different?

While the biochemical mechanisms of S.K.M.S. cannabis medicines aren't any better understood than pharma in many ways yet, we do know some important performance points in comparison:

They are safe.

Cannabis medicine is inherently non-toxic. Anything can be toxic in enough quantity, even water, but its been shown a mammal generally cannot ingest near enough wholeplant cannabis to do much more than go to sleep unexpectedly, but there is no cellular harm, some would evidence that large doses would actually effect cellular health improvements.

"I was prescribed Benzos for 4 years,

after 3 years I figured out I was much worse and learned about the cascade effect and long term risks. I'd become the poster child for them. The plant capsules have been a lifesaver, like a gentle guide, I am finding my way back to me and its pretty awesome."

Kathy in Hallowell

There are no known adverse effects to long term mental health, sexual drive, memory, attention, emotional presence or organ or digestive lining damage.

And Effective: People often just forget to take them one day and realize they have learned to be a different way..

Plants work with neural pathways, to apparently restore original healthier pathways in the mind, encouraging the mind to follow original healthier paths, and by doing so discourages thoughts and feelings which promote and state of anxiety.

This is how so many S.K.M.S. combat clients, often tormented by and enveloped in a violent and very stressful former reality, which many remain trapped in for years, are able to transform themselves into healthier, calmer and more connected people. The plant medicine helped them reboot their mind's software.

How are S.K.M.S. anxiety medications made?

First, we source the best anxiety relieving ancient native strains we can find, from all over the world. Over the last 3 decades.

We then concentrate them using a zero processing method, without the use of chemicals, gasses or pressure.

We blend these concentrates carefully to give a result which is calming, has clarity, but is not sleepy, and leaves the mind feeling connected and balanced.

Using proprietary mechanical methods we transform this concentrate into a powder for encapsulation, and deliver in 24 and 60 Count bottles, in 01 size standard Pharma grade capsules.

And they work. We like them too. So do many of the employees and owners of the businesses we supply, and many many delivery, store and mail order clients.

Wild Facts about plant medicine and mammals:

Quantum Medicine Research and Plant Medicine Research have captured wild medicinal plants apparently curing other neighboring plants of different species (one of the first discoveries was in a western Massachusetts forest) and curing mammals in their own environment. Scientists do not understand how the plants assessed, diagnosed or concocted cures in these cases, but it has been documented.

Some have hypothesized that plants have a deeper understanding of the connectedness of everything growing in their ecosystems, and of our interdependence and the need for the whole system to be healthy, for the health of the individual.

"Done with the doc scripts, feeling so much better. Thank you for helping me."

Tom N. in Brunswick Maine

"The different ways anxiety capsules are absolutely amazing, thank you for such a great consistent product, they work awesome."

Jessica F. in Portland Maine

We are so happy to be a part of so many people's health journeys to improve their own lives and the lives of the people they touch!

Thanks for letting us into your lives, send questions any time!

RCM Staff

Portland ME

(207) 671-8387

April 3rd, 2023

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