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Pharmacists & Physicians demand access to Canna Meds

Ryan's Law requires healthcare to afford options for medical cannabis to the terminally ill, and it and widespread demand for canna meds is getting loud in healthcare.

Dr. Peter Greenspoon of Harvard, Leah Johnson a respected Clinical Pharmacist and many others have raised the call for increased access to medical cannabis across the U.S. as not only a safer alternative to many pharmaceuticals, but often the only alternative that actually works.

The story behind Ryan’s Law—officially known as California’s “Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act”—is simple enough. A patient, dying of terminal pancreatic cancer, did not want to be given fentanyl for pain because it kept him sedated and unresponsive. Instead, he sought to use cannabis while in a health care facility during his last few weeks of life.


“The biggest problem is that every time a state ‘goes legal,’ they ruin it for the medical side. Everybody focuses on access and figures that if anybody can access it, why do we have to step in?”

Leah Johnson, PharmD, MS-MCST, a Medical Cannabis Expert and Clinical Pharmacist


A recent report published by Ramen S. Bradford found that pharmaceutical use had declined dramatically in states where cannabis was accessible. Certainly both access could be increased, and limitations put on government taxation of medicines. A primary reason for eliminating the 'medical' portion of cannabis markets being just that- eliminating the potential of lawyers pointing out that the ethics of taxing medicine- are questionable and unconstitutional at best.

Want to help access to safer medicines? Call your state regulatory board and in the meantime take advantage of what is available, because the people at SKMS and RCM Co. worked very hard for many years with a whole lot of serious health pursuits to make medicines that work, available today, regardless of the regulations progress or decline.

Seeking safer alternatives for pain management, anxiety relief or better sleep? maybe managing a chronic illness or other health challenge? The endocannabinoid system can help, likely better than the pharma cabinet. Want to learn more? That's what we're here for.

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RCM Co. Staff

Portland, Maine since 2014

Sept. 26th, 2023


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