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New Sleep Chocolate Bars!

People have asked for them for years. There's a reason distillate canna meds are common, and wholeplant cannabutter based chocolate bars are non existent.. but we kept at it & cracked it, and wow do they work...taste good AND there's a special.

"10% of Americans suffer from Chronic Insomnia issues while 30% report regular short term issues"

We literally can't be sane without enough sleep, can't heal, can't think right, and usually everything unpleasant in life just seems to be amplified. We can even have a tendency to see the world differently or be snappy with people like a cranky three year old. Quality sleep is a necessary part of being human.

"finally found something that will keep me sleeping thru the whole night. First took them a couple of weeks ago, have been every night since, and unlike every other product I've ever tried, they are still working perfectly"

Jon in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

There's a reason for all that. Its called Inflammation, and it builds up in and slows our brains down too. That's why when you are really tired, you literally cannot think as well.

And very few things clean the system of inflammation as well as the endocannabinoid system. Inflammation reduction is also the first step to real and lasting pain relief. So if you've noticed how many people's lives are daily improved by the S.K.M.S. Sleep Chocolate Truffle Cartons... well maybe its time to give a try.

Good sleep can change a life. Really. We have stories. Lots of them. So, heal yourself the natural way, the safe way & enjoy the wonder of a great nights sleep.

"Pain cut by 75% and allowing her to sleep thru the night. Truly awesome"

Todd in Gray Maine

Manufactured from the sleepiest Landrace and CBD rich cannabis strains we could find in 3 decades and a few continents, in our 100% natural only water and organic coconut oil processes, in a proprietary method providing that quicker absorption and consistent effect, that will work night after night after night... imagine it. A life changed by sleep!

Send us questions any time!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 2nd, 2023


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