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Looking for safe Symptom Relief with CBD that works?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Real Cannabis Medicine Co. roots reach back to the Maine Medical program, in which its founding members developed an amazing series of technical advancements to bring the medicine that made cannabis legal in many states, actually available for effective and convenient dosage for people managing severe symptoms. Most original RCM clients were doctor referred, including hundreds of each of the most serious and life threatening health conditions diagnosed by modern medicine, as well as post combat and addiction symptoms, pediatric nervous system symptoms and the side effects of those little bugs that crawl across through the northeast woods and lawns, generating some tough symptoms of their own.

Lets rewind. Cannabis was legalized in many U.S. states following the rediscovery of Rick Simpson Oil, a recipe for a concentration of Cannabis Flowers which we now know is thousands of years old. This molasses like substance became a top news story when it was made for a condition deemed untreatable by a Canadian Hospital, and then was found to assist pediatric nervous system challenges in the States.

The challenge with RS Oil was it was so concentrated, it was very hard to dose consistently, would melt gelatin capsules, and mixing with food ingredients was often not suitable for sick folks. CBD dominant concentrates were effective, but never available without molecular isolation rendering them useless. Lots of hope, but no real solutions.

Over several years, millions of dosages, many testimonials, including numerous healthcare workers who credited remissions to the known cellular cleaning performance of bonded cannabinoids, processes were developed to eventually remove all modern chemistry, for a completely natural concentration and cleaning process, a zero processed method one would say, resulting in a uniform, powdered format, easily encapsulated and dosage adjustable to .001mg, beyond standard FDA pharma dosage parameters.

Based in Portland, Maine, the Real Cannabis Medicine Co. is now able to ship these medicines to all but three states, and provides dosage customer support Monday thru Friday 8am-Noon EST by phone, as well as email, online messaging and text support.

RCM meds are easy to integrate into your life for some big improvements for most. With so many clients, for so many years, and weekly feedback, RCM capsules and chocolates have been adjusted to be a perfect single dosage for most. Those seeking increased relief- just take a little more often. Start with 1 every 8-10 hours, and increase frequency from there.

If you're on a health journey with a chronic illness, feel free to reach out to us. RCM clients have had years of great success. We are glad to share their stories and our technical support.

We support your health journey!

SKMS Staff

Portland, Maine 2022

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