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IBS, Crohn's Symptom Relief

Symptom Relief can be the first step to recovery and healing. #IBS #IBD #CROHNSDISEASE

"we've been using the CherryWine Capsules for a few months now, me with Crohn's and her with serious IBS symptoms. It definitely makes the symptoms better, I know when either of us forget to take it. My overall condition has improved hugely over the months, likely largely cause the symptoms aren't so bad, I can restore some gut health"

-John in Portland Maine

Generally the first step to healing is inflammation reduction and symptom relief. The CherryWine Capsules, originally developed at Doctor's requests for Pediatric Seizure, Lyme and Parasitic Infection Symptoms have consistently provided the same nerve relief and healing environment to those suffering from very disrupted or inflamed digestive linings.

Available in 24 Count and 60 Count Bottles, and also available as a selection in the Buy 2 Get one Free or the Buy One Get 1 Free Savings Options, and also in 10 Count heart shaped Pediatric-safer chocolates.

Questions about dosage, symptom management or how endocannabinoid supplements assist symptom relief?

Send us your questions- we love to share the plant healing knowledge!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Dec. 1st 2023

Founded in 2014



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