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colds and cannameds

we don't want the FDA to get cranky with us, SKMS meds can't cure colds, but the science behind healing faster is pretty solid with years of testimonials.

Every time I catch a cold I pop one or two of those purple severe pain pills, and sleep like a bear in hibernation. I have tried with and without, when I didn't bring some with me and taking them and sleeping hard typically reduces healing time by half. - Adam in Cambridge MA

Typically the first step to healing is symptom relief and inflammation reduction. Sleep is usually the most important element to recovery from Illness large or small.

Inflammation reduction and sound Sleep is something the Endocannabinoid system can do very well when fed the right fuels.

SKMS clients have found for years when colds or flus make getting rest hard or getting over them tough, SKMS meds can come to the rescue. And sleep can be especially precious when feeling crappy.

Best sound sleep solutions when you feel like crud? Here you go! Look for the specials on bulk buys of sleep chocolates or buy one get one free Capsules!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine 2014


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