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chronic pain management: SKMS solutions

see the safer solutions developed over a decade for a range of pain relief cases. #chronicpain #painrelief #painmanagement #arthritis #injury #postrurgery

Kinds of Pain

We all know there are different kinds of pain, and different severities.

Medicating Severity is about dosage. Generally increase frequency of dosage over amount, but it's ok to do either at your comfort levels. Cannabinoids are safe, you can't overdose.

Types of pain is different though, and that's why SKMS has different solutions. These different capsule formulas can be used individually, or in combination, or consecutively on the same day. Unlike pharma there are no interaction potentials between SKMS canna meds.

Learn about the pain relief options below, and send us your questions about how to help your pain management- cause life is so much better without it!

The Nerve Calm

Pain associated with Lyme Disease, Migraines, even low level MS or Neuropathy- those unpredictable nervous system flare ups, as well as Crohn's and IBS symptoms, can be prevented effectively with CherryWine Pink/Pink Capsules. You can take these to help bring a flare up cycle to an end and prevent additional as well. Taken like vitamins, these capsules can work well to prevent recurrent nervous system type symptoms.

Adjust frequency gradually of how often you take the CherryWine Capsules in a single day, from just one each morning to more frequently during each 24 hour period, until symptoms subside. Very severe seizure cases and some Neuropathy have taken as often as 1 every 3-4 hours.

Chronic Pain Relief Formula

A very low THC content cannabinoid profile version of the Severe Pain Formula, the Chronic Relief Capsules taken once per 6-10 hours provide effective relief for most for chronic arthritis symptoms, the nagging type pain of chronic injuries, as well as pain associated with Chronic Parasitic infections such as Lyme, Babesia and Anaplasmosis.

This super low THC content has also been used to medicate severe pediatric pain.

Non Sedative Day Time Pain Relief

Combat Veterans and one of their doctors originally requested this formulation, simply as a severe pain relief that wouldn't make you sleepy.

Made with our most grounding, focusing and calmly energizing equatorial ancient Landrace Sativas, strains like Malawi Gold and real ancient Durban, this formula has also found common use as relief from symptoms of ADHD, depression, Dementia and Alzheimer's.

Most take 1-2 in the morning, but increase frequency or dosage as needed.

Severe Pain Relief

The heavy hitter, credited with hundreds of opiate scrip cessations, and successful relief of very significant severe pain. Ok to take as often as needed. We have known patients to take as often as one an hour to manage the most severe pain cases, but generally start with one per 6-8 hours, and increase dosage or frequency of dosage as needed. Significant dosage will make a person drowsy often, which is usually a relief to those in severe pain. Sleep helps remove inflammation- which is often the source of the pain. As with other formulas listed, the Purple/Purple Severe Pain Relief Capsules are available in 24 Count and 60 Count Bottles, order online, ships priority mail nationwide.

Have questions? SKMS staff would love to help!



RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine April 2nd, 2024

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