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Cannabinoids and Sleep, what we know

As leading Pubmed studies cite, the association between cannabis, cannabinoids and sleep is well established by recent science, user feedback, and cultural histories. Cannabis recipes used to assist sleep are safe, can be consistently effective, are not addictive, are even potentially healing.

So, how do we do we know which cannabis will give restful sleep?

That is the crux of the challenge SKMS ran up against in its early product development years with most of its products. How and what do we know?

The challenge is, not only is research lagging behind the demand for more useful information, but science, unfortunately, is a bit like a flashlight in the dark. Its possible to run right into a tree looking one way and walking another, cause the flashlight's view is quite limited. It becomes necessary to find a new way to walk in the dark.

“Dysfunctional sleep induces neural problems and is a key part of almost all human psychiatric disorders including substance abuse disorders. The hypnotic effects of cannabis have long been known”

-NCBI Jul 22 2020, Kesner, Lovinger

So, how did SKMS over come this? How do SKMS Sleep Chocolates and Recharge Formula Capsules have such consistent performance, and great testimonials, from so many of the same customers, year after year?

Here's the best part: we don't really know.

No, really.

Perhaps the greatest asset of SKMS' early product development was also hundreds of clients providing consistent weekly feedback. At some point, SKMS crew realized, to be effective, to provide consistent results, if we know the medicine is safe in all forms, we actually...only need to know "how", not "why"

And so SKMS formulas followed results. Certainly intuition and huge experience and cannabis knowledge played crucial roles in the development of effective recipes, but to greatest extent, the effectiveness of SKMS formulas is the result of client feedback, adjustment, feedback and adjustment- a continual cycle of improvement involving the experiences of hundreds of different kinds of people across many years.

So, if you need sleep, SKMS products as available on the RCM site. Safe, endocannabinoid solutions. Feeding the body's own healing system.

You can order 24/7 online at the link below. You may text, email, message or call with questions. Call in hours are M-F 8AM -Noon EST.

Best wishes on your health journey! Sleep heals ALL!! And can't be sane without it.


RCM Staff Portland Maine Since 2014

January 31st, 2023

Co. Cell: (207) 671-8387 text welcome

91 Auburn St. S J1154 Portland ME 04103

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