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Cancer Symptom Relief

illness recovery is directly linked to symptom relief. This many times doctor recommended, safe, non addictive, inflammation reducing, endocannabinoid fueling Symptom Relief package can help. Now cost Reduced to B2GO FREE for Chronic Illness warriors.

Nausea, pain and feeling lousy prevents sleep and positive thinking, and can be the difference in healing.

S.K.M.S. Chronic Illness package has years and hundreds of testimonials. Testimonials of symptom relief and testimonials of just how much that symptom relief that pharma couldn't provide, contributed to their positive patient outcomes.


"one of our leukemia patients is here. She says the S.K.M.S. Chronic Illness capsules are the only thing that stops the nausea, can she call?"

Dr. Dustin Sulak's Office, Integr8 Health, Falmouth, ME


Based on Rick Simpson’s published Cannabis concentrate formula and refined by the performance feedback of over a million capsules consumed under state regulated medical program production since 2014, the solid blue capsules are the first and longest running SKMS formula.

Proprietary recipe of our best Landrace Pain relieving and CBD rich Cannabis strains, originally created at a doctor’s request to aid opiate dependence cessation and pain relief for a severely wounded law enforcement officer. The Solid Purples have long been adopted as the night time portion of a Blues and Purples modern medicine treatment side effects relief package.


Have questions? Our very experienced Staff probably have answers.

Email, message, text or even call with dosage or other related questions.

The RCM Co. Staff is there to help.

RCM Co. Staff
Portland Maine
Providing CG Services Across Maine and Beyond Since 2014
Healthcare Expert CEU Educator

Co. Cell: 207.671.8387

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